If you own a small business, the holidays bring a special opportunity to market to your customers. This is a good time to reinforce your business relationships with customers and colleagues. However, with the number of Christmas greeting cards that the average business is going to receive in the mail from somervilleline, any piece of mail that has not distinctive characteristics will get promptly ignored. Instead of sending out the typical greeting card, what else can you to convey your holiday greetings? Here are some ideas that you can consider.

The name of the game is to make your brand stand out. If you send anything in the mail to your clients, it has to capture their attention. One way to make your greeting card unique is by doing something special to the envelope. What about dressing up your logo into a holiday motif? If you have logo in a digital file, you can easily add a holiday-themed background to it. Use this holiday logo on your stationary and any correspondence that you plan to send during the holiday season.

Get inexpensive postcard-sized calendars printed for the New Year with a brief but meaningful holiday greeting and a photo that is relevant to your business along with your contact information. If your budget allows, have magnetic strips affixed to the back of the cards so that the client can use it on his refrigerator. This has usefulness that can last through the new year. Every time your client looks at the calendar, he will see your logo.

You can send out useful e-greetings to your customers. Create digital files of helpful materials that your clients can download and print out. For example, share a few of your favorite Christmas recipes and create a digital file of them that your email recipients can download and print out. Or, compile a number of handy tools that can help the client prepare for the holidays, like a template for a gift list or a task list, some tips on surviving the holiday rush, and perhaps a coupon for a discount for your goods or services.

Be sure that your email is addressed to the recipient personally. This adds a personal touch to the email greetings. Also, be mindful that your clients may not share the same religious belief as you do. Your greeting should be kept as generic as possible. Instead of saying “Merry Christmas,” it is just as appropriate to say “Happy Holidays”. This will avoid any inappropriate greetings.

Sending a greeting to your clients lets them know that they are important to you. Just think of a way to make your greeting stand out. This is a good way to wrap up the year by thanking them for their business.

If you are sending something in the mail, make sure that you allows enough time for the post office to deliver it. Above the address, use the appropriate title for the recipient before his name.