Babies look the cutest when they are dressed up in formal where. If, you are wanting to dress you baby up for a coming event then pay close attention to the few tips I will be providing. I will be breaking down what type of formal wear is best suited for which events. This will aid narrow things down for you when you go shopping. The very first thing is you need to narrow it down to the type of event you are dressing your child up for. For instance, is it a wedding, a birthday or church. Once, you have that figured my quick and easy break down should really help you out. Check out the list we’ve compiled for you below from

To begin with, if you are dressing you child up for a wedding and you want them to wear a costume you should go for a little baby tux. They will take all the attention and look full suited like the groom. I would go with either a black tux or a  blue to make it look a lot more fun. Pair it with a dress shirt underneath that matches your outfit. It will look adorable and make your baby stand out.

Next, if you are wanting to dress your baby formal for his birthday party you want to make sure that the clothes you pick are comfy and not something your baby will have a hard time. The last thing you need as a mother is for your child to start crying on their own birthday. Or even better is to bring an extra pair of clothes in case things do not go as plan. But, the best outfit for a birthday would be suspenders, dress shirt and a bow tie. Your child will look extra cute and still maintain that child like dressing sense.

Next, if you are going to church put your child in a simple dress shirt and some dress pants with dress shoes. Keep it simple, yet classy. You do not want to overdress, but you want your child to look well put together. A simple dress shirt with dress pants should do the trick for you. I would avoid a tie or a bow tie as you really do not want your child to be having a bad mood at church, the last thing you need is for everyone to turn around and look at your screaming child.

Overall, if you are someone who is wanting to dress their baby boy up formal for a special even then follow the tips I have provided above. You need to look at the event and then choose the style you are going to dress your baby up in. You have to treat each event separately because they can all bring up several different circumstances with you need to account for beforehand. So, start narrowing down by looking at my tips and get your shopping list started and purchase formal wear for your baby boy and his special events.  See Wallao.